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First post for 2013 XD

Posted on 2013.02.08 at 10:08
Current Location: Philippines
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Yiruma - Do You
Title: Newcomer
Pairings: Watanabe Aria x Fujiwara Yuuki

A/N : This is a story for my school's Literary Folio. I just want to share this to you, guys. BTW, the characters used here are from the Tenimyu, except Aria, for she belongs to me. Fujiwara Yuuki portrayed Kamio Akira, and Satou Hikaru is a mixed name of Satou Hisanori and Zaizen Hikaru whom he portrayed.

"He took the cherry stem and rolls them in his fingers. “Ne,
Watanabe-chan, do you know that when a person ties this using only his tongue,
he’s a good kisser?” He teasingly asked me."

Read More : Here | Here

Please comment here if you want to. Thank you! ^^

Posted on 2011.06.13 at 14:28

Fun Facts

For the fangirl in you..

- Atobe is excellent in all subjects, but he excels at German (apparently fluent) and Greek. He also enjoys flyfishing.

- There is a fanart of what Shishido might eat for lunch.

- Silliness: when asked "What kind of person is your type?", most characters' responses had 'ko' at the end (meaning 'girl'), but here's who had just 'hito' (meaning 'person' - take that as you will.) - Yuuta, Taichi, Atobe, Hiyoshi, Saeki, Yukimura, Marui, Fuji, Inui, Akazawa, Minami, Tachibana

- Sakaki (Hyotei coach) owns a LEOPARD-PRINT SUIT that he wears with a PURPLE SILK SHIRT. He also drives a Porsche, and apparently is some kind of music teacher.

- St. Rudolph's tennis club room has a comfy chair in it.. that has a pillow made of the same fabric print as Mizuki's Big Gay Shirt.

- The Hyotei regulars have their *own* tennis club room (seperate from the masses), where they have 8 computers, a room with a big projector screen and a board room table, and a gym with all-mirrored walls. Indeed, Hyoutei's club room is made for illicit locker room sex.

- Atobe and Sakaki carry almost the same things in their bags.

- Hyotei has 1652 students, over 1000 of which are boys. It also has FORTY-THREE clubs.

- Wondering how those kids afford to go to Hyotei? Here are the regular's fathers jobs:
Atobe: Company director
Oshitari: Doctor at a college hospital
Gakuto: Electric appliance store
Shishido: Elementary school teacher
Jiroh: Owns a dry cleaning business
Kabaji: Government employee
Ohtori: Lawyer
Hiyoshi: Bujutsu coach (martial arts teacher)

- What kind of girl do they want? Ryoma likes girls with ponytails, Oishi wants a girl with glasses, Shinji wants a foreigner.

What's in their bags?

Here's a rundown of who's carrying what. ^_^

Sengoku: A book of purikura (photo booth stickers), some pens, a cell phone, a Game Boy Advance, a hairbrush, a lapis lazuli stone, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, and a tarot book.

Atobe: FIVE cell phones, lip cream, a book by Goethe IN GERMAN, a pocket mirror, a tube of perfume (?)

EDIT: I translated what the 5 cell phones are for (? = words I didn't know and didn't have time to look up). Phone #1 is a Vodaphone, used only for overseas calls and German conversation. Phone #2 is a FOMA "tv-type" phone, used for family and (?). Phones 3 & 4 are FOMA with cameras (which he doesn't use often). Phone #5 is really a PHS (?), used for times when it's hard to put in (?) a cell phone. ['hard to put in' = 'hairinikui' ..if you know a better way to translate, go for it. ^^;]

Sasaki: Sunglasses (very Gackt-like), keys to his Porsche, hankerchief, snakeskin wallet, American Express card, perfume (?), hair pomade, pocket mirror

Kamio: MD player, MDs, headphones, cell phone, Meiji chocolate bar, 2 concert tickets, hairspray

Akutsu: Cell phone, blurred-out key ("Tansha no kii?"), blurred-out thing (maybe cigarettes?), blurred-out thing #2 (maybe a lighter?), athletic tape, hair wax, CD player

Mizuki: Books (?), lip cream, "memo pad" (really a diary with a lock), flower-print hankerchief, hair wax, sunblock, Vicks cherry cough drops, Apple iBook laptop, large *and* small fancy gilded mirrors

Yanagi: Bamboo umbrella, note pad, a small satchel (?), Japanese rice paper, comb, textbook (?), ink stone and calligraphy brush

[Tenipuri - St. Rudolf]

I lost the original entry I typed up for Tenipuri 20.5... =_________= so here's whatever I can remember of it:

note: I won't be repeating stuff muscatlove has mentioned ^^;

- Kisarazu Ryou and Kisarazu Atsushi (Rudolf) are REALLLY twin brothers! It's confirmed! *is shocked* <--- lauren is prolly the only one who didn't know =_=;
- Atsushi actually has long hair like Ryou, but Mizuki got mad mixing them up, so he cut Atsushi's hair (as we know his hair now)

- Davide got his nickname because his hairstyle reminded them of one of artist Michaelangelo's art pieces, "David" ^o^
- The type of girl Davide likes is one that would laugh at his dajare/jokes ^^ (the dajare the fans sent in were really cute too <-- lauren was laughing at every single one of them because she's lame hahahaha)

- Itsuki says his nose is always emitting the streams of hot air probably because his nose is big >O<;;;;;
- The type of girl he likes is one that would join him in having fun/playing XD; (he's so cute)

- Jirou sleeps at 10pm and wakes up at 7am everyday. He takes 30-minute naps at home and also sleeps in class alot XDD;
- He likes Pocky (and mutton) XDDDD *LOVES*
- Most ppl (64%) say like either 'version' (ehh...sleepy vs awake) but 20% like the 'awake' and the last 16% like the sleepy/ing version of Jirou X3

- Oshi was asked if his specs really have the 'degree' in it, and the answer is yes XD; (Who else thought he was wearing it for show? Own up! XD)

- Did I mention how Atobe enjoys fishing..? And speaks German well? And has a mobile phone especially for German correspondance? Did I? (Guess which Seigaku member's in Germany?) XDDDD!!

I had more on Hyoutei but I can't remember now after I lost the entry =___________=;;;;;;;;;

- Bunta's favourite bubblegum flavour(s) is Green Apple! .... as well as grape, and strawberry, and blueberry and just about everything else XD;;

- Kirihara says the reason his eyes are red is because probably because of high blood pressure?? o_O; (as in, when he's excited, more blood is pumped...something like that XD;;)

- Yanagi carries around this..this... traditional sun-umbrella in his bag?! O_O;;;;; Sanada says that for a data-tennis player, Yanagi ('s bag contents) is kinda "analog" HAHAHA :X

St. Rudolf
- Mizuki's best subjects are Japanese, English, French and Spanish O_O; (Yeah, okay, I can see him doing Spanish XDDDD)

- Atsushi is the younger of the twins XDD (see Rokkaku's Ryou)
- He's always wearing the wrist-glove and red-ribbon around his head because "Mizuki says so" >O<;;


- The type of girl Sengoku likes is... "all the girls in the world" >_>;; (fufufufu)

- Dan owns a dog (is this before or after he decide to make Ryoma his idol? =_=;)

- The type of girl Tachibana likes is a "healthy" one >______>;;;;; ...Err...yeah, okay.

- Ishida says he likes "chisaii" (small-sized) girls O_O; He's like 188cm tall so ehhhhh... okay. XD

- Shinji's favourite colour is Grey... (puuu XD;)

- For the poll on "Who should be the next bucho for Fudomine", in first place we have Akira, second place, Shinji, third Ishida, fourth Sakurai, fifth Kyosuke.

- According to Momo, 1 round around the tennis court is 240m, so when they are made to run 100 rounds as punishment, it's like 24km O_O; <--- shocked lauren, who couldn't even complete/failed her 2.4km physical fitness test

- Ryoma was asked what age he started playing tennis, and he says he can't remember, because "tennis balls and racquets have always been in his home" XD

- These are the results for the "What other sport would Seigaku regulars play?" poll (that's a crappy translation of the title):

Ryoma: Soccer
Tezuka: Archery
Oishi: Swimming
Fuji: Ice-skating
Eiji: Acrobatics (>_>;)
Inui: Baseball
Taka: Judo
Momo: Basketball
Kaidoh: Boxing (^^;;;;)
Whole team: Synchronized Swimming (*cracks up* HAHAHAHAHA!!)

...because they are so amusing and fun :3

Q1. Who would you want as your boyfriend/lover?

No. 1 - Atobe Keigo (XDDD!!)
No. 2 - Fuji Shusuke (X333)
No. 3 - Kikumaru Eiji (XD)
No. 4 - Oshitari Yuushi
No. 5 - Echizen Ryoma (He was at position 4 in the last poll...Oshi took his place ;D)
No. 6 - Sengoku Kiyosumi
No. 7 - Tezuka Kunimitsu (dropped from position 3! *_*;;)
No. 8 - Momoshiro Takeshi (dropped from position 5)
No. 9 - Ootori Choutarou (XD)
No. 10 - Akutagawa Jirou (XDD333)

Q2. Who do you want for a younger brother?

No. 1 - Echizen Ryoma (once again at position 1 XD)
No. 2 - Dan Taichi
No. 3 - Ootori Choutarou (waiwai X333)
No. 4 - Kikumaru Eiji (he was originally at position 2)
No. 5 - Fuji Yuuta (^^)
No. 6 - Akutagawa Jirou (awww! X3333)
No. 7 - Mukahi Gakuto (XD)
No. 8 - Hiyoshi Wakashi (yeah XD)
No. 9 - Aoi Kentarou
No. 10 - Amane Hikaru/ Dabide (XDD)

Q3. Who would you want as your older brother?

No. 1 - Fuji Shusuke (XD!)
No. 2 - Sengoku Kiyosumi (moved up from position 10!)
No. 3 - Tezuka Kunimitsu (:33)
No. 4 - Momoshiro Takeshi (dropped from no.3)
No. 5 - Saeki Kojirou (*O*)
No. 6 - Tachibana Kippei
No. 7 - Keigo Atobe (haha XD)
No. 8 - Akutsu Jin (YAY)
No. 9 - Shishido Ryou (he's got the material I think :3)
No. 10 - Akutagawa Jirou (:3333!!)

Q4. Who do you want for a tennis coach?

No. 1 - Fuji Shusuke (XD!)
No. 2 - Saeki Kojirou
No. 3 - Tezuka Kunimitsu
No. 4 - Keigo Atobe (w00t XD)
No. 5 - Oishi Shuichirou (ooo)
No. 6 - Inui Sadaharu (O_O Yeah man XD)
No. 7 - Tachibana Kippei (moved up from position 10)
No. 8 - Ootori Choutarou
No. 9 - Oshitari Yuushi (w00t)
No. 10 - Muromachi Touji

Q5. Who do you want for a tutor?

No. 1 - Tezuka Kunimitsu (top position for a second time! XD)
No. 2 - Oshitari Yuushi (yum)
No. 3 - Keigo Atobe (he would never ;___;)
No. 4 - Oishi Shuichirou
No. 5 - Mizuki Hajime
No. 6 - Inui Sadaharu (O_O Yeah man XD)
No. 7 - Ootori Choutarou
No. 8 - Amane Hikaru/Davide (LOL!)
No. 9 - Yukimura Seichi (ooo)
No. 10 - Momoshiro Takeshi (ehehe)

-- Q6 & 7 are favourite chapter and funniest chapters.. I don't want to translate that >o>;;

Q8. Who would you want to have a tennis match with?

No. 1 - Echizen Ryoma
No. 2 - Dan Taichi
No. 3 - Keigo Atobe
No. 4 - Akutagawa Jirou (hell ya!)
No. 5 - Fuji Shusuke
No. 6 - Tezuka Kunimitsu
No. 7 - Kikumaru Eiji
No. 8 - Sengoku Kiyosumi
No. 9 - Ryuusaki Sakuno (HEH? *coughcough*)
No. 10 - Kamio Akira

Q9. If you could be a character for a day, who would you pick?

No. 1 - Keigo Atobe
No. 2 - Karupin (HELL YA)
No. 3 - Fuji Shusuke
No. 4 - Echizen Ryoma
No. 5 - Kikumaru Eiji
No. 6 - Mukahi Gakuto
No. 7 - Sengoku Kiyosumi
No. 8 - Akutagawa Jirou
No. 9 - Tezuka Kunimitsu
No. 10 - Shishido Ryou

Q9. If you were stranded on a deserted island, you would you want to be with?

No. 1 - Fuji Shusuke
No. 2 - Sengoku Kiyosumi
No. 3 - Kikumaru Eiji
No. 4 - Tezuka Kunimitsu
No. 5 - Momoshiro Takeshi
No. 6 - Amane Hikaru/Davide
No. 7 - Saeki Kojirou
No. 8 - Inui Sadaharu
No. 9 - Ootori Choutarou
No. 10 - Akutagawa Jirou

(You can really tell whose popular huh? XDDD)


1. Atobe Keigo

Year: 3
Birthday: October 4 (Libra)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: A
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: All rounder
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - HEAD [C.Tech 1000 OM]
(Racket) - HEAD [PREMIER TOUR 600]
Notable moves: Rondo to Destruction, Insight
Favourite food: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding
Hobbies: Fly-fishing, reading
Family structure: Grandparents, parents
Father's job: Executive officer of a securities company
Strong subjects: Everything, but Greek in particular (before you all start going O_O, Hyoutei's curriculum offers a variety of elective courses available from year 2 onwards: music, art, computer science, calligraphy, and foreign langs: Spanish, Greek and French.)
Favourite colour: Gold, black
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Determined, unyielding people

Misc info:
- Atobe likes German and Greek because of their, uh, Dignity and Nobility. Besides, Greek Was The Language That Birthed Homer's Epic Poems, whose Contribution To Literature Is Immeasurable, and therefore liking these great foreign languages is a reflection of, uh, Atobe's high-class aspirings (you can tell I think he's an incredible sporfled farker, but I *do* still love him.)

2. Oshitari Yuushi

Year: 3
Birthday: October 15 (Libra)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood type: A
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: All rounder
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - MIZUNO [Wave Gist JP]
(Racket) - BRIDGESTONE [Wingbeam S65]
Notable moves: Drop shot, Higuma Otoshi
Favourite food: Lent juice (juice bought with someone's money, I THINK >_>, and Gakuto comments in another panel that Yuushi hasn't returned him this current round of 'juice money' yet.), sagoshi-kizushi (sashimi of young Spanish mackerel; it's a Kansai specialty)
Hobbies: Fanboying over romantic movies (NO SHIT YEAH. *sporfling*)
Family structure: Parents, elder sister
Father's job: Doctor in a university hospital
Strong subjects: Maths, chemistry, design and technology
Favourite colour: Greenish-brown
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Girls with pretty legs (HOW *&^%$ SUKEBE-OYAJI [dirty old man] CAN YOU GET, OSHITARI-KUN)

3. Mukahi Gakuto

Year: 3
Birthday: September 12 (Virgo)
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: B
Dominant hand: Left
Play Style: Serve and volley
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - K.SWISS [Preventor 2000]
(Racket) - BRIDGESTONE [Wingbeam M45]
Notable moves: Moon Somersault Volley
Favourite food: Deep-fried food, natto (fermented soybeans)
Hobbies: Bungee jumping, collecting feather-related accesories (...yup.)
Family structure: Parents, elder sister, younger brother
Father's job: Electrical goods store owner
Strong subjects: Chemistry, English, PE
Favourite colour: Red
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Girls he can get into a good partnership with (XD;)

Misc info:
- Gakuto's quite the realist h0, ain't he - he Renounceth This Thing Called Ambiguity, he does. It's the reason why he likes the subjects he does - (at junior high level anyway) the answers to the questions set for them are very clearly defined and markers don't have to make much discretionary effort in grading papers. He doesn't like abstract things and respects tangible results.

4. Shishido Ryou

Year: 3
Birthday: September 29 (Libra)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: B
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: Counter-puncher
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - YONEX [Power Cushion 199(SHT-199)]
(Racket) - YONEX [SRQ Chitan 800 Pro]
Notable moves: Super High Speed Rising Counter
Favourite food: Cheese sandwiches, mint gum
Hobbies: Billiards
Family structure: Grandmother, parents, elder brother, dog
Father's job: Elementary school teacher
Strong subjects: Geography, history
Favourite colour: red, purple
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Impertinent, boyish girls (WTF you wanna date YOURSELF, Shishido?)

5. Akutagawa Jirou

Year: 3
Birthday: May 5 (Taurus)
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood type: AB
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: Serve and volley
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - WILSON [SURGE DST 02 Mid (S1234W)]
(Racket) - WILSON [HYPER PRO STAFF 7.6 with ROLLERS] (....riight.)
Notable moves: Magic Volley
Favourite food: Mutton/lamb (kanji just says 'sheep' ^^;), mousse Pocky (AHAHA)
Hobbies: Manga (in magazine form), sleeping
Family structure: Parents, elder brother, younger sister
Father's job: Self-run laundry service (XD;)
Strong subjects: PE, design and technology
Favourite colour: Orange
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Cheerful and fun girls

Misc info:
- There's a link between Jirou's mutton-chomping and his ZZZing! No, really. Apparently mutton's loaded with carnitine, which is an amino acid that increases fat metabolism; the text claims that a side effect of this component is to induce sleep. XD;; I wouldn't be able to corroborate this, though.

- Ohtori on Jirou: "When I see how much Jirou-san enjoys playing tennis, somehow even I start feeling happy." (XD)

6. Munehiro Kabaji

Year: 2
Birthday: January 3 (Capricorn)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood type: O
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: None (changes according to the match)
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - HEAD [C.Tech 1000]
(Racket) - VoLKL [QUANTUM.10 TOUR]
Notable moves: Copying
Favourite food: Pizza, gyudon (rice with stir-fried beef and onions)
Hobbies: Constructing bottle ships *
Family structure: Grandmother, parents, younger sister
Father's job: Civil servant
Strong subjects: Art and craft, home economics, physics
Favourite colour: RGB (light's 3 primary colours, yup XD;;;)
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): None in particular

Misc info:
* The text says that yes, it's *those* kind of bottle ships, the kind you have to insert into the bottle with tweezers or tools of the like. It's a hobby that takes fearsome perseverance and patience, and is likely the reason why he's able to maintain a state of concentrated calm all the time.

- Brace yourselves. Kabaji's apparently descended from the youngest child of an impoverished aristocratic family in Northern Europe (XD;; OH THE CRACK.) He's also supposed to have a high IQ (the text suggests, maybe cos of his aristocratic DNA, though how THAT'S a reason I dunno), and has a high resistance/tolerance level, hates to lose, and a surprising worrywart. He's also got a proud streak and shouldn't be content with staying in the same position all the time, and the text further says that he might have a bright career as a lawyer or a doctor, something professional (though that'd mean he'd have to speak beyond two syllables XD)

7. Ohtori Choutarou

Year: 2
Birthday: February 14 (Aquarius)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood type: O
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: Serve and volley
Preferred brands:
Notable moves: Scud Serve
Favourite food: Beef casserole, authentic smelt (I didn't know they had mock smelt, but there you go)
Hobbies: Piano and violin-playing (*__*)
Family structure: Grandmother, parents, elder sister, cat (his pet and sibling's an EXACT COUNTERPOINT to Shishido's. And both have grandmothers. Me dork yes.)
Father's job: Lawyer
Strong subjects: Art and craft, music
Favourite colour: Off-white (ER.)
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Faithful and serious girls (^_^;;)

Misc info:
- You know how Ohtori likes eating smelt? There's this legend about a god who descended on barren country and gave the people there food by turning willow leaves into smelt. The text itself is apparently insisting that it's no coincidence that Ohtori, being the Nice Young Man he is, likes smelt (YEAH RIGHT.)

- Birth stone: Amethyst. Ohtori-baby's calm and fresh (young and healthy, yeah ^^) and elderly people tend to rabu him, but Ohtori himself finds it hard to deal with seniors who're overly intimate; he's the kind who likes to keep a respectful distance. In love he's very idealistic and proud, so he seldom finds himself liking someone first. OTOH, he can't withstand intense overtures made to him, so he sometimes ends up having to associate even with people he doesn't like... He's got a wide circle of acquaintances, but he cherishes personal space strongly and is sometimes strangely formal and cold for that reason.

- Gakuto is apparently miffed that Ohtori's a year younger and so much taller (^^;); he mumbles, oddly pettily, about feeling like he's 'being looked down upon' (in both the literal and figurative sense, probably).

8. Hiyoshi Wakashi

Year: 2
Birthday: December 5 (Sagittarius)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: AB
Dominant hand: Right
Play Style: Aggresive Baseliner
Preferred brands:
(Shoes) - Prince [Triple Thread Linear AC (DPS-211) Black]
Notable moves: Old-style Martial Arts Stroke
Favourite food: nuresenbei (this is either soaked rice crackers or rice crackers with toppings. I think the latter makes more sense.)
Hobbies: Reading a series of books called The Seven Mysteries of School Campuses*
Family structure: Grandparents, parents, elder brother
Father's job: Old-style martial arts instructor
Strong subjects: Maths, history
Favourite colour: None in particular
Preferred type of person (i.e. who he'd date): Neat and clean people

Misc info:
* See, Wakashi's guiding principle of sorts is the idea of gekokujou ?????, people in a lower position gaining victory over those in a higher position. This series of books is basically RL accounts of people who get freaked out by accidents happening to them, and apparently Wakashi extends his liking of gekokujou into a liking to seeing people (losers) humiliated. Since his ability to freak people out with his martial-arts tennis and all is something of a legend in Hyoutei. >_>

- Wakashi's birth flower is the cattleya, which in flowerspeak apparently means 'magical power'. I'm not very sure about this, but the text seems to be saying that even if he's bad at reading the nuances of atmosphere and ends up destroying it, there's still a high probability of him being able to control his surroundings. And he's also good at strategy and tactics because of his calm and steady disposition.


The Hyoutei one was great. In fact it went something like this:

Q: What's up with Sakaki? Is he like the son of the director of the school who controls Hyoutei behind the scenes or what? 'Cos no way is he a plain teacher with those clothes etc.

Gakuto: OMG I can't believe you asked that. O_O You do realise it's a forbidden subject, right? If we said anything that'd be the end of us.

Oshitari: Gakuto, just... just walk away... pretend you didn't hear anything, it's none of our business...

Shishido: Yeah, Coach, what's up with you anyway? I've always wanted to kn-- *highly suspicious sound effects*

Sakaki: I'm just a regular music teacher.

All team members: *cough*cough*bullshit*cough*cough*


PROFILE: Kirihara Akaya

He'll challenge a target anywhere! The cruelty of red eyes with two shining facets.

Info: He always has a facetious attitude, but in reality, his coldhearted freezing look provokes his targets. His two extreme characteristics are his strength and his famous "Red Eye Mode" (which may be connected to that strength).

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (2nd year)
Birthday: September 25
Height: 168cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: O
Side: Right-handed
Play style: Aggressive baseliner
Equipment: shoes: DT Wilson [Dynosphere Technology]; racket: Pro Staff 5.5 Wilson Stretch
Best moves: Knuckle Serve, speed play
Favorite foods: Yakiniku, sushi
Hobbies: Games (hand-to-hand fighting games)
Family: Father, mother, older sister
Father's job: Company employee (dealing with foreign assets)
Best subjects: Kokugo (Japanese), physical education
Worst subject: English
Favorite colors: Primary colors
Type of girl: A cheerful girl is good!

What we can see about Kirihara from fortunetelling based on the writing/pronunciation of his name:

With the 24 strokes of "Kirihara Akaya", we see that he is excessively self-confident and stubborn, the type who doesn't listen at all to the opinions of others. But during difficult times, he displays unthought-of power and completely surmounts obstacles by himself. His ups and downs of feeling are extreme, and tend to be sidestepped by his friends. Certainly, as a result of becoming overemotional in the case of his match against the awakened Ryoma, his teammates scolded him.

What we can see about Kirihara from his hobbies:

Kirihara's hobby is games, and among his favorites are hand-to-hand fighting games. You probably can't say that the reason that he has this hobby is just because he seems like a belligerent person. In addition, it seems that with the hand-to-hand fighting games, like a professional fighter, he often plays in order to grasp the feeling of a match, and it has the same effect as image training. Is Kirihara cultivating a combative spirit!?

What we can see about Kirihara from his tennis style:

During times when Kirihara Akaya's heart stress reaches its utmost
limit, his eyes turn deep red because of blood congestation, and both his power and speed raise markedly. During this "Red Eye Mode", things presently become clear, but Fudomine's Tachibana was defeated and with Ryoma and others a close fight was forced. Of course, he depends on that "Red Eye Mode", an ultra-first-class technique, and before he reaches that state there are many things that come to a conclusion against his will. Still, Kirihara possesses extraordinary powers of concentration, which is the weapon that is the foundation of his strength.

What others have to say about Kirihara:

- Jackal Kuwahara: "When we're together, his (decent?) eyes are different.. But I always get the feeling something is going to happen."

- Sanada Genichirou: "He has no problems with capability, but his next issue is to acquire the ability to control himself."


Profile: Sanada Genichirou

The severe iron man who will not permit compromise or defeat under any circumstances

Info: Since the captain is currently hospitalized, the one who will bring things to a conclusion for Rikkaidai Fuzoku is Sanada.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: May 21st
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: A
Side: Right-handed
Playstyle: All rounder
Equipment: shoes: Yonex Power Cushion 21 (SHT-21); racket: Babolat VS Drive
Special moves: ?
Favorite foods: Namekono miso, meat
Hobbies: Muscle training, shougi (Japanese chess), calligraphy
Family: Father, mother, older brother
Father's job: Government employee
Grandfather's job: Kendo instructor for the police force
Best subjects: History, physical education
Worst subject: None
Favorite colors: Black, gray
Type of girl: To ask about such a thing is tarundoru![1] (he's greatly delighted)

What we can see about Sanada from his (bad) habits:

He always wears a hat. It's quite likely that he's trying to hide his true self from others. Furthermore, in the case of wearing the brim of the hat in the front (which is his policy), conversely he is too serious and (his face) isn't able to effectively adapt to situations. He's a man who surely lives up to the "invincible" law, and Sanada himself is the diagnostic result.[2] What on earth is the "true self" he's hiding...?[3]

What we can see about Sanada from his hobbies:

Muscle training.. calligraphy.. He's intently stoic! Sanada seems like an adult with an aura of refined masculinity, with several hobbies such as muscle training, calligraphy, and shougi.. he takes all of them extremely stoically, and Sanada understands how long he can throw everything into tennis. Those who are complacent will not be victorious.[4]

What we can see about Sanada from his tennis style:

Tezuka is exceeded?! The "perfect tennis" that isn't liked! Still, though the full picture of his playing style has not been revealed, it is Sanada who may be regarded as the strongest player in the nationwide junior high tennis scene, now that we have reached the deciding point of the Kantou tournament finals. The noted Seigaku team - with one word "tarundoru", (he can reach) a place where they can settle the dispute, which is probably a manefestation of his unshakeable self-confidence. You have to understand that he easily defeated the top high school player (as witnessed by the pro tennis magazine reporter), and if he should play against Tezuka, we don't know what the outcome will be, and so people will keep talking about it.

What others have to say about Sanada:
- Kirihara Akaya: "Vice Captain Sanada doesn't suit me at all, y'know? In both tennis and leadership, he's amazing.. but the fact that he smacks me around is tolerated.."

- Yukimura Seiichi: "He is one of the country's top players in every sense. Thanks to him, I can rest easily knowing everything will be fine."

[1] "tarundoru": Sanada says this a lot. According to koutenken, it comes from: tarundoru -> tarunderu -> tarumu (??), which means to become loose; slacken, relax, be idle, etc. So.. "Don't slack off!" might be a good translation, I guess? (If you read All Stars' translation of the All-Star Character Summit, you'll notice he says it again. ^^;) EDIT: I think I like morphaileffect's icon's translation best, though: "Move your lazy ass!" XD

[2] There is no easy way for me to translate this. ^^; The best I can come up with is "If you look in a dictionary, Sanada's picture would be next to the word 'invincible'."

[3] Thanks again, koutenken! ^_^

[4] Literally "There is no victory in using lukewarm water." You can thank koutenken again for setting me straight. :D

[PoT 20.5] Profile of Marui Bunta
Another profile.. I am loving these players with almost no text to translate, lol. This time you get the bubblegum-flavored goodness of Marui, and next will be Yanagi, then Yukimura, and then it's all random unless someone has a preference. ^_^;

Usual disclaimer about my poor Japanese skills and asking for any corrections that are needed.

Profile: Marui Bunta

A determined spirit, at ease! The volley specialist feared by all rivals

Info: With his attitude that "this will be a piece of cake", there might be proof that he enjoys tennis more than anyone else. Perhaps it's the way that he calls himself tensai-like, and turns his own matches into entertainment.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: April 20th
Height: 164cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: B
Side: Right-handed
Playstyle: Serve & volley
Equipment: shoes: Wilson Cross Fire DST 02 (S1121X); racket: Wilson Triad 3 115
Special moves: Tsunawatari (Tightrope Walking), Techuu Ate (Iron Pole Striking)
Favorite foods: He likes everything!
Hobby: Going to hotel buffets
Family: Father, mother, two younger brothers
Father's job: Company employee (manufacturing)
Best subjects: Kokugo (Japanese), music
Favorite color: Red
Type of girl: A person who gives him things (mainly food)

What we can see about Marui from his (bad) habits:

He's always chewing gum. He's always chewing gum and being selfish and a spoiled brat; in other words, he seems very childish. If you look at Marui's speech and behavior, you can agree with this assessment. Still, these traits are the very reason that others come to love him.

What others have to say about Marui:

- Jackal Kuwahara: "It's easy to play doubles with him. He's always upbeat, and he encourages me."


Profile: Yanagi Renji

He is the "data man", the master of an aloofness that even exceeds his data

Info: He has the nickname "Master" and is a technician with the spirit of a true craftsman. He can accurately calculate the way a match will play out with his data, and the pivotal issue is that the overpowering feeling of coercion he gives his partner seems have become a problem for him.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: June 4th
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: A
Side: Right-handed
Playstyle: Counter puncher
Equipment: shoes: Diadora Rebound Ace DA2 (128076 - ED784); racket: Völkl Catapult V1 Midplus
Special moves: Data tennis
Favorite foods: He likes everything, but he prefers things with a weak flavor
Hobby: Reading (pure literature) [1]
Family: Father, mother, older sister
Father's job: Certified public accountant
Best subjects: Kokugo (Japanese), classics, world history
Favorite color: White
Type of girl: A very calculating girl

What we can see about Yanagi from his favorite food:

His personality has a weak flavor and therefore he preferes weakly-flavored foods!? He's taciturn, always calm and composed. Just as his personality shows, one with so little flavor of his own seems to prefer foods with equally weak flavor. I can't imagine how on earth he can eat greasy foods.. [2]

What others have to say about Yanagi:

- Marui Bunta: "Yanagi is using data to play his games, but he doesn't let me read any of it. He's the greatest data man in history, ne?" [3]


[1] pure literature - If you're not familiar with this term, it's defined as "Light, stylish writings, usually on literary or intellectual subjects." (This is also what Shigure from Fruits Basket claims he writes.. XD)

[2] Original is: ??????????????????????… - I'm guessing "yuumon" (???) means oily/greasy foods? (Gitogito means 'greasy', ergo..)

[3] Literally "he fights/battles with data", but I couldn't think of a way to phrase it that doesn't sound misleading. ^_^;;


When even the author basically says "Uh.. his personality is that he doesn't have a personality", well.. I guess Konomi-sensei left this one up to the fans. Have fun inventing one for him. XD


Profile: Yukimura Seiichi

The quiet captain who leads the strongest corps of all the rivals [1]

Info: The captain who leads the strongest corps is a boy who, unexpectedly, is a thin line. [2] But as you can understand from Sanada's announcement that "Even without you, we'll conquer the nationals", this kind of efficiency can be said to be Rikkaidai's main strength.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: March 5th
Height: 175cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A
Side: Right-handed
Play style: ?
Special moves: ?
Favorite foods: Yakizakana (grilled fish)
Hobbies: Gardening
Family: Father, mother, grandmother, younger sister
Father's job: Company employee (advertising firm)
Best subjects: English, math, art
Favorite color: Light blue (aqua)
Type of girl: A wholesome person [3]

What we can see about Yukimura from his birth flower:

Birth flower: ??? (cornflower) In the language of flowers, this means "feelings of happiness". It symbolizes a personality of gentle tolerance. [4] A romanticist, when he is in love with a woman, she will be his one and only. [5] His duty to his team is treated with the same devotion he'd show a lover, but.. [6]

What others have to say about Yukimura:

- Sanada Genichirou: "It's painful to lose Yukimura's power, but we must win even then. That is our mission."


Profile: Jackal Kuwahara

The Latin-descended cornerstone of defense at Rikkaidai Fuzoku [1]

Info: Although the boy who is called detarame prefers to use his defense range, if you ask whether it serves as a form of protection, it would seem that it does not. [2] He quietly accepts the tasks that he is given (however unwilling he may be), and when the results are in, the one left standing is Jackal. [3]

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: November 3rd
Height: 178cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: O
Side: Right-handed
Play style: Counter puncher
Equipment: shoes: New Balance CT 554 (gray); racket: Head i.x5
Special moves: Positive Defense
Favorite foods: Coffee, yakiniku (grilled meat)
Hobbies: Horseback riding
Family: Father, mother
Father's job: Currently unemployed
Best subjects: English
Favorite color: Red
Type of girl: A glamorous and fair-skinned girl

What we can see about Jackal from fortunetelling about his past lives:

Hunter in a tropical country.. With a tough body and strong force of will, he aims and is the type who will chase his prey to the ends of the earth. It's easy for him to be tenacious in everything, and when he becomes completely absorbed in something, he can't see anything else. He's usually cheerful and he loves celebrations. Perhaps this is the influence of his Brazilian blood after all?

What others have to say about Jackal:

- Sanada Genichirou: "Because he's of mixed blood, his natural physical ability is very high. His opponent doesn't score, and he is the protector of the iron wall." [4]


[1] Literally "rock defender" ("rock" in the sense of firmness/dependability)

[2] "detarame" = ???? (I'm assuming the kanji are ???) can mean 'random', 'nonsensical', 'haphazard', etc. I'm thinking it means that Jackal's tennis is unpredictable.. ^^;

[3] The original sentence uses the phrase (??????????????). If anyone has a better translation, cough it up. ^^;;;

[4] Literally "he is the guardian deity of the pigiron wall"


Profile: Yagyuu Hiroshi

The gentleman who burns with intense combativeness in the depths of his kind heart

Info: If you were to randomly encounter Yagyuu, you would probably never think that he was the main advocate for war on the team that makes Nationals-level players tremble in fear. No matter where he is, his speech and conduct are always gentlemanly, but he really is the king when it comes to tenacity in acheiving a win.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: October 19th
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
Side: Right-handed
Play style: Serve and volley
Equipment: shoes: Dunlop PRS-300DG (Adforce); racket: Dunlop Adforce M1 Tour
Favorite food: Tokoroten (gelidium jelly) [1]
Hobbies: Reading (mysteries)
Family: Father, mother, grandfather, younger sister
Father's job: Doctor (internal medicine)
Best subjects: He's good at everything
Favorite color: Moss green
Type of girl: A pure and chaste girl

What we can see about Yagyuu from his birthstone:

Sapphire - Sapphires indicate a strong sense of sympathy and abundant affection. Being delicate, he is not pleased when harsh words are used. [2]

What others have to say about Yagyuu:

- Yanagi Renji: "I get along with him fairly well. He is a gentleman, but in some ways he is also our fiercest member."


[1] In case you're wondering, this website describes it as: "Tokoroten is over 90% water, low in calories, and high in dietary fiber, so it helps “keep you regular.” It is just firm enough to pick up with chopsticks without disintegrating, and its cool, pleasing smoothness on the palate means it is usually eaten chilled. Refreshing and light on the stomach, tokoroten has been known and loved since the Edo Period as a summer dessert for ordinary people. "

[2] The original sentence is: (?????????????????????????????????) I'm not sure that mine is the best translation of this sentence. --;


Profile: Niou Masaharu

Data failure! [1] The trickster who completely fools his opponents on the tennis court

Info: Even within the strongest corps, Niou is rumored to be "the scariest guy!" Reading ten to twenty moves in advance, his forte is a style of play where he deceives his opponent, but that skill takes great artistry, as many others can attest.

School: Rikkaidai Fuzoku (3rd year)
Birthday: December 4th
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: AB
Side: Left-handed
Play style: Trick play
Equipment: shoes: Yonex Power Cushion Wide 271 (SHT-271W); racket: Prince More Power 1150 S
Favorite food: Yakiniku (grilled meat)
Hobbies: Playing darts
Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger brother
Father's job: Company employee (consultation firm)
Best subjects: Math
Favorite color: Blue
Type of girl: A person who's good at diplomacy [2]

What we can see about Niou from his bloodtype and his star sign:

A type-AB Sagittarius has an agressive personality of the "get them before they get you" type. [3] His emotions are expressed straightforwardly both to himself and to others [4], but he's the type whose personality has two completely different sides. Is it because of this that his personality is agressive, but at tournaments he appears calm and composed?

What others have to say about Niou:

- Yukimura Seiichi: "Niou? ..Hehe.. His play can't be explained with words. He's a guy who could deceive the devil."

(credits to : soloproject  via  buko_sessions )


For kotocchi via Tumblr part 1

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All footage belongs to Toei and Subbed by TV-Nihon

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MOVIE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5b-whrgliQ

ACCEL MOVIE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zhKiiuouyg


CREDITS TO XHitsuyagaYukikoX for "researching" the links.

Translation of ~starfireflandre's Journal

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Today is a happy day, especially in my First day of class.
And the most awesome/embarrassing thing happened there was:

I lend my filler to my teacheras a sample on what filler will we use in Science
and the name in front of my notebook was Oshitari Yuushi instead of mine.

Okay, I'm truly happy. I found a happy ending for my summer life. My first day of class was awesome.

But, I lost my self-control when I logged in on my facebook account. Kiko joined me in the FB group called PoT Paradise.

Goddamnit. I am so free in in Facebook, but It'll be in hell now because Kiko joined me in that f***ing group.
I think I'll join Momo, Tezuka, and Eiji since they're not yet member of the group, and then unjoin myself in the group.

If I got home, or if I load my phone in a minimum price, instead of registering for an Unlimited text, I'll waste it BECAUSE I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST TO REMOVE MYSELF IN THAT GROUP.

I receive so much disadvantage in that RP. It's too much. Like I said, I want to quit there as Yuushi and Kajimoto, but since Hirakoba's still off, I won't and I'm expecting for something in what will happen in the RP once she's back.

Once she's back from her camp, she wouldn't know how happy I am just to have her back as my RP partner.

Since I'm in the office right now, writing this journal entry, I tried not to cry even though I wanted to. It's so embarrassing.

Yes, I want to move on. For Sy, Romina and the other people who read my past journal entry and consoled me. But how the hell if some things in life kept reminding me of my fucking trauma? I think I need tranquilizers so that my life will be fine.

On the time when she(Kiko) joined me there, I went to the Comfort Room and throw up. I can't take it anymore.

Okay, now I'm really NOT in myself anymore. Even though I want to smoke right now, I don't want to because Fungii at Warrior-kun might worry.

I have nothing else to type, I told you everything I need to tell you. Because I might throw up again. It's just-- I can't. I think I'm going crazy. But I am getting crazy here!

Gah, asdfghjkl. I want to block them on Facebook except for those I really care so that I can get over this shit.

Ah, I can't take it anymore!


Sorry If my english is bad.
But, that's what I understand on what she's trying to tell in her journal.

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T A K U Y A <3

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